Tooling Design and 3D Modeling
Tool design at Tool Die-Namics Inc. is the most important element in our sequence of events. Customer communication input data and specifications are funneled into our projects so as to ensure customer satisfaction. The in-house design and modeling are carried out through the most modern and up to date technological equipment and software available. Using state of the art software allows us to provide our customers with fully detailed and updated designs either in 2D or solid formats. Using blank and forming software our engineers locate and trouble-shoot potential part production problems before implementation of build.

Today tooling is a global market and building tools in both imperial and metric is a must.

Tool and Die Services
At Tool Die-Namics, we understand our customers time constraints pertaining to lead time of die builds. With our full service facility and experienced, dedicated team of professionals, quality dies and on-time delivery is first and foremost.

Tool Die-Namics provides our customers with the highest level of service, from design phase to implementation of machined components, assembly, shipping, tool proving, and part inspection. A fully detailed drawing of perishable components is just part of our satisfaction with records kept on site. At Tool Die-Namics, we are constantly striving to find ways to improve tooling, save our customers cost and reduce build time.

CNC Mill Services
Tool Die-Namics is a reliable source for CNC Machining. We invest in high quality, high performing machines well above the industry average. The CNC Milling Department at Tool Die-Namics Inc. consists of two of the most sophisticated machining centers available today. Glass scales enhance the accuracy of these machines and together with Heiden Hein controls, guarantee the repeat quality of our products.
Solid works together with EDGECAM provide a firm base for the design and programming of the most complex components.

Using this state of the art software, cutting tools with innovative programming, complex shapes and forms are achieved. Short or long run production of machined components of various metal alloys are cut, inspected and utilized by our customers in a wide range of industries. Working travel 1250mm x650mm and another line 1700mm x 800mm.

Our team of engineers and craftsmen are continually upgrading their skills to ensure the exceptional quality that our clients expect.

From 1-off to small or medium sized production runs, our tool & die background makes us ideally suited to tackle your high value, high precision parts.

In addition to traditional CNC milling, we are experienced and equipped for high speed milling, hard milling, and complex surface machining. We have mastered these techniques over many years in the industry where we continue to thrive. We work with virtually any material including carbon steels, tool steels, stainless steels, aluminum, titanium, brass, copper, bronze, plastics, and graphite. We stock many of these materials and anything not stocked can be sourced within a few days to a week.

CMM Capabilities
Quality Assurance and confirmation of capacity is supported by two CNC coordinate measuring machines, driven by the latest version of PC DIMIS this equipment can confirm sizes and guarantee repeat ability.

Custom Machining
Tool Die-Namics offers a full range of machining services including CNC Milling & EDM. From 1-off to small or medium sized production runs. All of our in-house and outside services are available to utilize in the manufacture of your parts. Or we can work with you as an extension of your shop providing only the specialized services you need such as EDM.

In house Capabilities:
  • 3D Solids Design
  • CNC & Manual Milling
  • Wire EDM
  • Pantograph engraving/ duplicating
  • Turning
  • Grinding
  • Drilling
  • Handwork, Fitting, & Polishing
  • Assembly
View Our CNC Machining Portfolio Gallery

Metal Stamping Services
Tool Die-Namics production stamping is able to accommodate light to medium, short or long runs of stamped components and our production stamping is able to accommodate light to medium, short or long runs of stamped components.

Tool Die-Namics presently has metal stamping press capabilities up to 400 tons and produces quality stamping for the following markets:
  • Automotive
  • Appliance
  • Construction
  • Material Handling
  • Recreational
  • Medical
  • Aircraft
  • Hardware
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial
  • Communication
  • Manufacturing
CNC Wire EDM Services
Electrical Discharge Machining or EDM is a non traditional method of removing metal by rapidly reoccurring electric pulses that are discharged between an electrode and the work piece.

EDM is used to machine features that would be difficult or not possible with other techniques. Hardened steel and exotic alloys pose little challenge over softer work pieces.

  • Intricate & complex details are possible
  • Internal corners down to R .010" [.25mm]
  • Small features down to .004" [.10mm]
  • Hard work pieces can be cut
  • High degree of accuracy attainable
  • Precision control of surface finish
  • No cutting forces
  • No geometric limitations
Our three wire EDM machines provide the backbone of our ability to produce quality tooling in a timely manner. Both second and third access projects have proven to be of little difficulty given the capability of our MASTER CAM software and the experience of our technicians.

Form grinding, jig grinding, or surface grinding, Tool Die-Namics can precisely grind parts of virtually any material in their tool and die department.

Projects and Services at Tool Die-Namics Inc.
Auto Industry: Include tooling to produce surface "A" class parts throughout the car to and include axel components. Hood and trunk lid, hinge component as well as IP and cross car beam tooling fill our catalogue. Step inserts for high end sport utilities as well as steering column support brackets are included in our experience.

Manufacturing Companies: manufacturers of commercial products such as industrial shelving, racking and warehouse storage systems have utilized our expertise.

The Roll Form Industry: through joint ventures asked to incorporate tooling with theirs to produce air conditioning component as well as automotive frame sub assemblies.

Aerospace and medical industries are satisfied Tool Die-Namics customers.

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